5000 Hours of Play


Monday 13 December marks the day that we reached our goal of 5000 hours of outdoor play for Brisbane kids. That’s 5000 hours of fun, healthy development and being active. And the fun’s not over yet… keep an eye out for our end of year total and plans for getting more kids outdoors in 2020.

Jump Up Outdoors hours of play grand total : 5000 hours of play

What we do…

Jump Up Outdoors is a unique program that gets kids playing outdoors, away from screens and having fun.

We provide enticing outdoor play environments, with a wide variety of upcycled loose materials and then the children do what they do best…play! The result is hours and hours of unstructured play in which children imagine, create, develop their interests and passions and follow their instincts.

Jump Up Outdoors programs have been developed by a paediatric occupational therapist with over 25 years experience.

Benefits of Jump Up Outdoors

Unstructured and Imaginative

Play allows children to be self directed, innovative, creative and to solve problems

Age Appropriate Risk Taking

Helps children learn how to manage risks themselves and to become more resilient

Freedom and Autonomy

To play the way children are hardwired to play – doing their own thing in their own time, making the rules as they go

Connection with Nature

That fosters enjoyment of nature, empathy for creatures, sense of oneness & sense of responsibility

What we believe

  • Childhood should be cherished and valued
  • A connection with nature is essential for healthy development
  • Unstructured play is as important to children as food, shelter and education
  • Children are capable and competent
  • Exposure to appropriate risks provides opportunities to develop and learn
  • Children need time and opportunity to develop
  • Development occurs sequentially

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