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5000 Hours of Play

In 2019, Jump Up Outdoors aims to get Brisbane kids playing outside for a total of 5000 hours. That’s 5000 hours not on electronic devices…5000 hours of fun…5000 hours of healthy development. C’mon kids, let’s Jump Up & get outdoors!

Jump Up Outdoors hours of play so far : 5000 hours of play

Can’t come to us? No worries…we can come to you

Things children get up to at a Jump Up event:

  • Creating a rocky landscape for plastic animals
  • Building a dam
  • Making magic wands and potions from a collection of natural items
  • Squishing about in mud
  • Constructing a cardboard den
  • Designing a pully with ropes and baskets
  • Cooking by a campfire or with a solar over
  • And much much more.

We may not be at Jump Up headquarters, but the philosophy stays the same:

  1. Children need unstructured play to develop physically, socially and emotionally
  2. Children thrive in natural environments.

We load up the van with natural and upcycled loose materials and use them to create enticing play spaces in whatever space you have.


Outside School Hours and vacation care settings
Primary School
Childcare centres
Youth organisations
Council and State government parks and facilities.


We come to you

How long:

Minimum – 2 hours

How many:

Maximum 60 kids


Jump Up Outdoors equipment, including pack up and set up
Staff briefing notes (before you arrive)
Staff briefing session (on the day of your excursion)
2 x Jump Up Staff members

Please note: The visiting service is required to provide additional staff to meet minimum applicable staff to child ratios


$350 per hour plus travel costs

Travel Costs:
Distance will be determined from Bald Hills clinic (3/2091 Gympie Rd, Bald Hills).
$30 – Up to 20km return
$50 – 20-40km return
$70 – 40-60km return
Travel beyond 60km return will be negotiated on a case by case basis with the Director, Jump Up For Kids

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