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Would you like to instill a love of the outdoors and adventure in your childhood?

Are you keen for your child to be healthy and active?


Come along with your child to Jump Up – Junior and watch them play, explore and have fun while igniting all of their senses. Each week we provide materials and activity ideas that encourage young children to move, create and develop a love of the outdoors.

Designed by Madeline Avci, Occupational Therapist specialising in child and youth development, the Jump Up – Junior Program challenges and encourages children to learn new skills in a fun (and messy) way.

Research shows that children who play outside are:

  • more likely to engage in active play
  • more likely to make healthy food choices
  • less likely to develop a range of chronic health conditions (eg obesity, diabetes)
  • more likely to be physically and socially adept.

But the children don’t know any of this, they are too busy have a fun!

Jump Up – Junior is a ‘must have’ experience for all young children. Check out
the information below and then simply, book online or call us.

Make that booking for your child

and develop a love of playing outdoors early.

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