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Join us for an Afternoon of Play to celebrate WORLD PLAY DAY - 28 May 2019

“By allowing children to play you are helping them to a healthy adulthood.” Dr Freda Kim, World Play Day founder

5000 Hours of Play

In 2019, Jump Up Outdoors aims to get Brisbane kids playing outside for a total of 5000 hours. That’s 5000 hours not on electronic devices…5000 hours of fun…5000 hours of healthy development. C’mon kids, let’s Jump Up & get outdoors!

Jump Up Outdoors hours of play so far : 5000 hours of play

Jump Up Outdoors is celebrating World Play Day with an Afternoon of Play.

Outdoors + loads of equipment + a group of kids = lots and lots of fun!

Jump Up Outdoors “afternoon of play” is the perfect mid-term treat to recharge, reset and reignite your children. Check out the information below and then simply book online or call us.

When is the Jump Up Outdoors ‘Afternoon of Play’

Tuesday 28 May 3.30-5.30

What can my child expect to do?

At Jump Up Outdoors we create play environments that capture children’s imaginations, spark enthusiasm and give them freedom to follow their instincts. We set up enticing outdoor play environments and then let the children direct the play. They will discover and develop their own interests and passions as they play in the great outdoors.

Jump Up Outdoors provides opportunities for the development of the whole child. While playing at Jump Up Outdoors, children are likely to:

  • Be playful and have fun
  • Socialize, consider others and show empathy
  • Think outside the box
  • Solve their own problems or ask for help
  • Discover, practice and master new skills
  • Create, innovate and be flexible
  • Consider a variety of options and be adaptable
  • Communicate and negotiate
  • Stick with something until it’s finished
  • Be self directed and self regulated
  • Develop their imagination.

Who can come along?

Children who are at school in Prep through to Year 8.

Children who attend Jump Up Outdoors must be able to go to the toilet and change clothes independently.

Jump Up Outdoors events are fully supervised by trained staff.

Where is the Outdoor Program located?

The program is held on grounds adjacent to the Pine River behind St Paul’s School, Bald Hills in northern Brisbane. This program is independent and not affiliated with St Paul’s School, or any other educational program.

What is the cost per session?


What should my child wear for the session?

We will be outdoors and whilst there are many areas of shade available, it is essential that children wear sun safe clothing always.

When attending a Jump Up Outdoors program, children must wear:

  • Sun protective clothing that covers as much of the skin as possible
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat that protects face, head, neck and ears (no caps)
  • Closed toe shoes with socks
  • Sunglasses are also recommended
  • Please cover all open wounds with plaster.

What do I pack in my child’s backpack?

  • Snacks (outdoor play makes children hungry!) in an insulated container with cold blocks
  • A large filled water bottle
  • Sunscreen (30+ water resistant)
  • Insect repellent
  • Hat (wide brimmed)
  • Two spare pairs of clothes that your child can dress themselves (Please only pack items that can get wet and muddy!)
  • A spare pair of shoes and socks
  • A towel
  • 2 plastic bags for wet clothes
  • Please do not bring electronic devices of any kind.

On rainy days, your child may wish to bring:

  • Rain coat
  • Gum boots
  • Umbrella

To limit any lost property:

  • Please label all items with your child’s name

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